Perfect flight characteristics thanks to PU


THE European Soccer Championship kicked off on 10 June, but Germany’s World Champions and all the other kickers were able, from November last year, to have a chance to get familiar with the official 2016 match ball – the ‘Beau Jeu’ (French for ‘beautiful game’) from adidas.

The Beau Jeu incorporates the best elements of the Brazuca, the official match ball of the 2014 Soccer World Cup, but surpasses it in terms of grip and its properties in play.



The improved ball control and stable flight characteristics of the Beau Jeu, but also its water resistance are all thanks to its outer shell.

And this is where Covestro comes in: “The ball’s outer shell consists of a total of five layers based on polyurethane raw materials from our Impranil® line,” said Thomas Michaelis, project manager for ball development at Covestro. “It starts with the outermost skin, a full underglass print that prevents abrasion of the printed layer.”

The white surface decorated in the French national colours, blue, white and red is thus very durable.

The underlying intermediate layer protects the ball against external influences and lends it unusually high elasticity. Beneath that is a polyurethane foam with millions of microspheres that ensure outstanding flight characteristics.
A PU adhesive bonds the top layers to a special polyester-cotton fabric that serves as a substrate